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TEDEG: Leading Defense Industry R&D

TEDEG is an R&D company developing and qualifying products compliant with military standards. We provide essential life support and capability for ground, naval, and air platforms.


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At TEDEG Engineering, we focus on delivering the most innovative solutions to our customers by combining innovation and technology as a pioneering firm in R&D. With our dedicated team and commitment to customer satisfaction, we continuously seek new ways to meet the needs of our business partners.

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Tedeg is a pioneering company focused on developing military vehicle subsystems designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern warfare. Our product range encompasses innovative solutions such as Battery Management Systems (BMS) for Military Vehicles, Battery Charging Systems (AC/DC Converter, Rectifier), Military Spotlight Systems, and Power Backup Unit.

Tedeg specializes in advanced power solutions for military truck-mounted air defense, rockets, radars, and similar platforms, providing robust Power Distribution Units (PDU), AC/DC inverters and converters, power control systems, distribution panels, 115 VAC 400 Hz converters, and power source systems. We offer reliable and efficient platform power systems that ensure continuous power supply for critical applications in aerospace, defense, and other industries. Discover more about our cutting-edge power solutions tailored for demanding environments.

Tedeg offers a range of specially designed ground support systems that help ensure the smooth operation of aircraft and other aerospace platforms on the ground. These systems provide the necessary power in the 115 VAC 400 Hz, 28.5V - 500 VDC, 115 -380 VAC range required for the initial movement and maintenance of aircraft engines, both in hangars or outdoors.

Tedeg offers a wide range of AC-AC frequency converter transformers, power supplies and control systems specifically designed for the marine industry. Their products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and the latest technologies to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance in the harsh marine environment.

Our company is a leader in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge avionics subsystems, including custom-designed DC PDUs, 115 VAC 400 Hz & 60 Hz AC/DC converters, and DC-DC converters. We are committed to delivering exceptional performance and unwavering reliability for the most demanding airborne applications.

Our test fixture and analysis services provide comprehensive testing solutions to validate the performance and reliability of components and systems across various industries. Click here to learn more about our testing capabilities and expertise.

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