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Engineering Services


At Tedeg Engineering, we produce high-tech mechanical designs that adhere to military and defense industry standards. Our products, compliant with the MIL-STD-810G standard, deliver superior performance even under extreme environmental conditions. Our designs that incorporate moving servo and stepper motors are ideal for applications requiring high precision. With designs featuring gears and power transmission equipment, we offer powerful and efficient solutions. Additionally, our systems that include motor alternators provide robust energy solutions.

In the design of electromechanical subsystems, we develop solutions that meet IP67 and IP68 protection classes, ensuring maximum protection against water and dust. Our designs that withstand shock and vibration conditions guarantee durability even in the most challenging operational environments. Tedeg Engineering continues to lead the industry with robust and reliable mechanical design solutions that can withstand field challenges. With our project-specific engineering approach, we design and manufacture to meet even the most complex needs of our customers. Experience power and performance beyond standards with Tedeg Engineering.

Certification and Excellence

TEDEG Engineering has certified its Quality Management System in accordance with TS EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements. At TEDEG Engineering, we adopt engineering processes in compliance with IEEE/EIA 12207, IEEE 1220, and MIL-STD-498 standards, going beyond industrial norms to ensure excellence and reliability. Furthermore, our Configuration Management systems, based on MIL-STD-973 and ANSI/EIA-649 standards, involve meticulous documentation and process management at every project stage. This approach supports our culture of continuous improvement and guarantees high standards in all our engineering activities.

In terms of project management and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), we implement comprehensive documentation to ensure the highest quality standards during the planning and implementation phases of our projects. This systematic approach ensures timely and budget-compliant project completion, meets customer expectations, and maintains our competitive edge in the industry. TEDEG Engineering continues to uphold its vision of leading in engineering excellence and innovation.