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Software Design

Software Design

At TEDEG Engineering, we specialize in the development of software tailored for embedded systems and established communication protocols, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality of your hardware. Our software development process is designed to leverage the full potential of microcontrollers and microprocessors like STM32, Nuvoton, FBGA, and IGBT, each chosen for their reliability and performance in managing hardware functionalities.

Embedded Software:
Our embedded software is engineered to operate on a variety of devices, from microcontrollers like STM32—popular for its versatility across numerous applications—to complex systems incorporating FBGA and IGBT processors. This software directly manages the device functionality, enabling sophisticated control and operational efficiency.

Communication Protocols:
We develop robust software solutions for communication protocols such as Ethernet for network-based communication and CAN-BUS, commonly used in automotive and industrial applications. These protocols facilitate effective communication between your device and other systems, enhancing connectivity and integration.

Desktop User Interface Software:
To complement our hardware solutions, we provide desktop software development services designed to offer intuitive user interfaces. This software allows users to interactively manage and control their devices, whether through computers or mobile platforms, ensuring a user-friendly experience and remote functionality management.

The software development process at TEDEG includes designing embedded software to run on specific hardware, developing drivers for communication protocols, and creating user-friendly desktop applications. By carefully considering the characteristics of different processors and communication protocols, we adopt software development approaches that meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring your product’s success.